Air Superiority

Robert Taylor





Air Superiority Robert Taylor

It had taken almost six years of continual air fighting for the Allied air forces to attain complete and total air superiority over the Luftwaffe. At the outbreak of World War II the mighty German Air Force had appeared invincible but the ensuing Battle of Britain gave the Luftwaffe its first taste of what was to come.

When America joined the war, bringing with her to Europe new types of fighters and bombers, the writing must have been clearly chalked on the wall of Hitler's bunker. Unleashing the full power of the Eighth Air Force against the Third Reich by day and with the RAF Bomber Command's constant attacks by night, production in Germany's aircraft and munitions factories became fatally depleted. In the air the Allied fighter pilots were beginning to dominate the skies, and by the spring of 1945, had achieved complete air superiority. It had been a long and bitter struggle, fought with great courage and sacrifice.

As we commemorate the great air battles fought 60 years ago, this new limited edition celebrates the heroic deeds of the young flyers who overcame the odds to help bring the greatest war in history to a close.
Robert Taylor's superb painting catches the mood prevailing in the squadrons in April 1945, as P-5l Mustangs of the 357th Fighter Group sweep unopposed through the beautiful Rhine valley south of Köln. With the war virtually over and their air combat days almost complete, these pilots will soon be on their way home.




Joining artist Robert Taylor, each print is signed by FOUR highly prominent Aces from the 357th Fighter Group.

Colonel Clarence E Bud Anderson
Brigadier General Frank L Gailer
Lieutenant Colonel Robert G Schimanski
Captain Robert P Winks


Each print in this edition is additionally autographed by a further eight Aces and Pilots of the 357th Fighter Group making a total of TWELVE signatures in this edition.

First Lieutenant Joseph Black
First Lieutenant Raymond T Conlin
Lieutenant Colonel William W Foard
First Lieutenant Dale E Karger
Major John A Kirla
Captain William B Overstreet
Colonel Arval J Roberson
First Lieutenant John Skara

Matching numbered certificate of authenticity included.

Overall Print Size 35 3/4" x 23 5/8" (inches) Printed in lightfast inks on acid free archival paper.


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Aces Edition
UK £200.00
Edition Size - 450

Artist Proof
UK £325.00
Edition Size - 25

The Victory in Europe Edition
UK £325.00
Edition Size - 400


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