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Welcome to our Original Aircraft Paintings page. Here you can browse our selection of original Aviation Art by some of the worlds foremost and highly collected aviation artists. The ultimate aim of any aviation art collector must be to commission an original painting of their own. The process of commissioning, from coming up with the original ideas to receiving the finished painting is an exciting and fascinating process. The majority of our original Aircraft Paintings are acrylic on board and Oil on Canvas. All are of exceptional quality and detail. If you are considering purchasing any of our Aircraft Paintings, the Aviation Art Gallery is now able to offer a professional Picture Framing Service to complement your fine art purchase. We will ensure that the original painting is professionally mounted and framed into a quality wooden frame of your choice. If you would like further details on any of our Original Aircraft Paintings, or would like details on Commissions and Picture Framing options, please don't hesitate to contact us. Email:



November 12th 1944. Lancaster's from Nos 617 and 9 Squadron bombed the German battleship 'Admiral von Tirpitz' at anchor just off Tromso. Using Barnes Wallis designed Tallboy bombs dropped from between 12,000 to 16,000 feet they delivered several very close misses and three or more direct hits. A column of steam and smoke shot up to 300 feet and within a few minutes the massive ship began to turn turtle. The RAF and Royal Navy had had several previous 'goes' at the Tirpitz with limited success, but on this occasion the threat from this extremely powerful warship ended.

The painting depicts Wing Commander J B Tait's Lancaster after his bombing run 'staying on the scene' to observe the outcome of the mission. The rest of 617 and 9 Squadron aircraft complete their runs and turn to head home to Lossiemouth. Down below at low level another Lancaster is orbiting and filming the destruction. This Lancaster came from 463 Squadron and was the last one to return home. With only one Lancaster being seriously damaged all the aircraft completed the mission.

Original oil on canvas painting measuring approx 36" x 20"

The back of the canvas has been signed by
Sqn. Ldr. Lawrence “Benny” Goodman (Pilot on this raid)

Price: £5950 (Unframed)




Full of grace and beauty Concorde G-BOAF taxis toward her final resting place at Filton airfield, Bristol. Proudly waving Union Jack flags from the cockpit are pilot Captain Les Brodie and Concorde chief pilot Captain Mike Bannister. No one who saw Concorde on Wednesday November 26th 2003 could fail to be moved by the sight of this magnificent aircraft as she moved these last few yards with the greatest of dignity under the gaze of the world’s media and thousands of local well-wishers.

Overall canvas size: 28” x 16”

Price: £1495.00 (Unframed)




An outstanding oil on canvas painting by Philip E. West.

Based at Ludford Magna, Lincolnshire from June 1943, 101 Squadron was selected to test new equipment designed to jam the VHF frequencies used by German fighter controllers. A system, code-named "Airborne Cigar" or ABC for short, was operated by a eighth crew member - the Special Operator on board the Lancaster bomber who could understand German and listen into the German controller's transmissions, jamming them before they alerted their night fighters to the position of the bombers. ABC soon proved its worth and from October 1943 101 Sqn. ABC aircraft flew with all Bomber Command main force attacks, consequently 101 Squadron suffered higher losses than other 1 Group Squadrons. In an attempt to reduce the losses the Squadron was the first to be fitted with twin 0.5 browning machine guns in the rear turret. Only a handful of airfields were equipped with a fog dispersal system known as F.I.D.O. The fact that Ludford Magna was one of the chosen few is a measure of the importance attached to 101 Sqn.

Canvas size approximately 48” x 24”

Price: £9950 (Framed)




Groundcrew busy themselves readying their de Havilland Mosquito as the aircrew head out towards the Aeroplane for yet another mission to a high value target over occupied Europe during WW2. Their dangerous job as Pathfinders is to accurately mark and bomb the target for the main heavy bomber force. It required great skill in navigation, airmanship and courage. The Mosquito proved to be a real thoroughbred and idea for many varied combat sorties so earning the nick-name The Wooden Wonder.

The Painting is signed on the back of the canvas by the RAF's top night-fighter pilot of WW2, Wing Commander Branse Burbridge DSO* DFC* AFC

Signer’s details

Wing Commander Branse Burbridge DSO and Bar, DFC and Bar (85 Sqn. Pilot) gained his wings in 1941. Putting duty before personal feelings as a conscientious objectorBranse, together with his navigator, Bill Skelton, became known as “The Night Hawk Partners”. The two of them went on to shoot down 21 enemy aircraft - 16 during a seven-month period. The total included a Bf110 and three Ju88Gs during the night of 4-5 November 1944. Their officially credited 21 enemy aircraft destroyed made the pair the top night fighting crew in the whole of the RAF. Branse recalls, “I always tried to aim for the wings of enemy aircraft - and not the cockpit. I never wanted to kill anyone.” The citations for their awards paid tribute to both men setting “an unsurpassed example of outstanding keenness and devotion to duty”.

The painting measures 24" x 12"

Price: £2950 (Unframed)




P51 Mustangs of 336th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group range deep into the Reich in a search for targets of opportunity. As the Second World War drew to a close, Allied bombers and fighters were able to fly relatively unchallenged over German territory. A lack of fuel, trained pilots and serviceable aircraft prevented the Luftwaffe from mounting any meaningful resistance. By VE-day the 4th Fighter Group had become the top scoring Fighter Group with over 1,000 victories against the Luftwaffe.


Original Oil Painting Canvas size: 48 x 28 inches

£2250 (Unframed)




During the night of May 16/17, 1943, 19 Lancaster's of the newly formed 617 Squadron carried out daring raids against four dams in the Ruhr. The Primary target was the Mohne dam. Here we see Flt Lt Maltby and crew in AJ-J flying clear of the Mohne before their Upkeep mine exploded against and breached the dam. Operation Chastise became a legend in the annals of the RAF and military history.

Signed on the back of the painting by two former Dambusters: George ‘Johnny’ Johnson DFM (Bomb Aimer 617 Squadron) and Ray E Grayston (Flight Engineer - 617 sqn)

Original oil on canvas painting approx. 36” x 20”

Price: £4250 (Unframed)




It is the 4th June 2002. Concorde and the Red Arrows fly in tight formation over Suffolk en route to take part, along with other aircraft, in the Queen’s Jubilee Flypast. At the controls of G-BOAD Concorde are Civil Aviation Authority Chief Test Pilot Jock Reid and British Airways Chief Concorde Pilot and aircraft Commander on the day - Captain Mike Bannister. For millions of people the highlight of the Queen’s Jubilee weekend was undoubtedly the amazing sight of Concorde and the RAF Red Arrows aerobatic team flying together only 1500ft above the Mall and Buckingham Palace. This edition is published with approval of the Red Arrows Trust.

The painting is signed on the back in permanent marker by Concorde Pilot Jock Reid and Red Arrows Team Leader on the day Sqn Ldr. Carl ‘Spike’ Jepson.

Original Oil Painting Canvas size: 36 x 24 inches





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Mark Postlethwaite Commissions

Mark Postlethwaite is without doubt one of the finest aviation artists in the world today, his research and historical accurateness of events, and the intricate details of the aircraft he paints is second to none. In the last 20 years, Mark has become firmly established as one of the world's leading aviation artists with many of his limited editions now only available on the secondary market and his larger originals now regularly selling for over £10,000.

Mark's commission rates include the preparation of 3 thumbnail preliminary sketches and a reasonable amount of research. If you would like more in-depth research or a small painted sketch after the pencil sketches then please let me know.

It's important to point out that Mark Postlethwaite is an independent artist, (ie. not tied to any agent or publisher), his prices are at least 50% lower than an equivalent artist commissioned through a third party. Publishers, agents and galleries usually add on at least 100% to the cost of a commission, something which the artist Mark Postlethwaite never has been keen to get involved with for obvious reasons!


20" X 16"

£2000 - £3000

30" X 20"

£4000 - £5000

36" X 24"

£6000 - £8000

42" X 28"

£9000 - £11,000

48" X 28"

£11,000 - £13,000

60" X 30"

£14,000 - £18,000

Larger or smaller sizes on application. Measurements can be adapted to suit different formats without charge, eg. 30" x 20" can be 36" x 14" or 25" x 25".

Framing is usually organised and paid for by the commissioning client but can be arranged if required. There are no hidden extras, and payment is only due when you are completely happy with the result.

I welcome any enquiries about commissions, there's no obligation, simply send me an e-mail with what you have in mind and I'll reply with further details.


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