Combat over Malta

Mark Postlethwaite





Combat over Malta Mark Postlethwaite

Major Gunther von Maltzahn shoots down a Hawker Hurricane of 126 Squadron, whilst piloting his Messerschmitt Me109 over Malta, 19 December 1941.



The Signed and Numbered Edition Printed on Fine Art Giclee Paper

The Entire Edition is signed in pencil by the Artist Mark Postlethwaite and individually printed on Fine Art Giclee Paper.

Over the years Mark Postlethwaite has had many enquiries about the availability of prints from his cover paintings for Osprey Aviation Books. Until now it has been impossible for Mark to produce prints from them as the contract didn't allow this type of reproduction.However, after a lengthy period of negotiation, Mark is delighted to announce that they have reached an agreement whereby he can now have full rights to reproduce and license all of his Osprey paintings.

All of these aviation art prints will all be printed to order using the fine art giclee process onto a superb Hahnemuhle heavyweight watercolour paper.The Seven ink giclee process provides a far better colour reproduction than the standard colour litho and as Mark prints them himself, you can be sure that the artist is happy with the final result!

If you would like a print from any other of Mark Postlethwaite's Osprey book covers, please contact us by email for details on availability.


Matching numbered certificate of authenticity included.

Overall Print Size 20" x 16" (inches)

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Signed and Numbered Print on Fine Art Giclee Paper
UK £60.00 Edition Size - 100


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Helpful information regarding our Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition print:

An edition of identical prints, numbered sequentially and individually signed by the artist, having a stated limit to the quantity in the edition. Following publication the printing plates are destroyed. Almost all the aviation art and aircraft prints featured on this website are authenticated with the original signatures of distinguished military personnel.

Artists Proof:

An old tradition of reserving a quantity of prints for the artist's use, usually equal to about 10 % of the edition. In the early days of printing, these prints were the only remuneration the poor artist received. Proofs are signed by the artist and numbered showing the quantity of Artist's Proofs issued in the edition. Because of their highly restricted number, Artist's Proofs are sold at a higher value than the regular prints in the edition.

Publishers Proof:

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A print issued with an original pencil drawing by the artist in the margin, each numbered out of the quantity of individually remarqued prints in the edition. The quantity of remarqued prints in any one edition generally is between 25 and 50. Each remarque drawing made by the artist is slightly different, thus making each print totally unique. Remarqued prints may be available at the time of publication, or announced at a later date, depending upon the artist's work load at the time .Please be aware that Remarque prints can take up to six weeks for delivery. An artist remarqued print is the ultimate collector item in terms of reproduced work.

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Original drawing:

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Certificate of Authenticity:

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